Dear Dan:

In May of 2008 I purchased a Trane 2½ ton Air Conditioner/Heating unit from your company. One of the selling points was a guarantee 10 year parts and labor warranty. The unit operation has been superior to my other unit, and my operation cost is down probably 30%. So now 5½ years later the cooling isn’t up to par and that was on a Thursday evening. Knowing that the weekend was approacing I called your office at 7am on Friday morning and low and behold you (the owner) answered and that afternoon your service manager Clevlan arrived to fix the unit. He informed me that I required a new coil for the unit and that it would have to be ordered but that he had fixed the unit so that it would last until the new coil was installed. The next week an appointment was set and the unit installed.

The interesting thing is that at the time of the original purchase I never considered that we would have recession and that companies would go out of business …. Not only were you still in business but the same people that installed the unit came to repair it!!!! The other thing that I find interesting is that until I contacted your company I kept having the same problems with all of my units every 4 months are so. Once your company repaired or replaced my units I have not had any problems heat or cold for 5 years.

I just want you to know that your integrity and good work are appreciated.


- Henry Roberts

Two years ago, we used Circle J to replace the coils on our AC unit. In the process of doing so, apparently, the wrong part was used (just a normal mistake). For 2 years, everything seemed to work great. Now our AC compressor has gone out, and through the records kept by Circle J, they could see it was because of this “wrong part.” They are the ones that were honest enough to tell us it was their fault, and they fixed our AC at no cost. They could just as easily have lied to us because we did not keep the records. We will continue to use Circle J and recommend them to others! The employees were friendly, honest and very professional!

- A Google User